Art Show & Contest


Calling all artists! Entry forms to the Coeur d’Con 2016 Fan Art Contest are here!

How to enter
Select a graphic novel, movie, or video game and create a piece of fan art (art inspired by a work of fiction), or submit your own original work. Entries will be displayed at the Coeur d’Alene Public Library the week leading up to and during Coeur d’Con, and will be judged by the public. Complete and submit this entry form along with your artwork to the Checkout Desk at the Coeur d’Alene Public Library. All pieces must be submitted by closing time on Friday, July 29th for consideration in the public display, which can be viewed August 1-13.

Pre-School (0-6)
Kids (7-12)
Teens (13-17)
Adult (18+)

Rules and regulations
• Artists should follow all legal restrictions of copyright and fair use.
• Entries can be made from any medium, and may be 3D, 2D, or if you really want to amaze us, 4D.
• Entries should depict art that is appropriate for public consumption, understanding that people of all ages will be viewing this exhibit. Library staff will have the ultimate say in what can or cannot be displayed.
• All entries will be available for pick-up beginning on Sunday, August 14, and must be picked up by Friday, August 26. Any unclaimed entries will be recycled by library staff. You may retrieve your piece at the Adult Check Out desk during this time.
• Questions and concerns can be voiced by calling (208)769-2315 or emailing
• This is a display that will be open to the public. That being said, the library cannot take responsibility for any damages that may occur during the art contest, nor can it offer compensation for damages or theft/loss of artwork.

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4 thoughts on “Art Show & Contest

  1. Bryan says:

    So im planning on entering a life size replica of a gun from one of my favorite video games into this art contest, however, my big plan of making this was to have it being a working model so i decided to make it from a giant nerf gun, i have recently brought it to another convention in spokane and they required that all of the internals (the parts that make it shoot) to be removed, now im perfectly fine with doing that and it was by far the most liked prop at the convention but the lack of internals took away from the purpose slightly since it also affected the cosmetics of the gun, i have no intention of bringing batteries or ammo to this contest if you will allow the internals of the gun but i will understand if you would prefer to have them removed for safety reasons


    • cdalibrary4teens says:

      This is only a Nerf gun, correct? And it is being submitted to the art contest. All 3D art contest items will be securely locked in cabinets for display, so the working nature of the Nerf gun shouldn’t cause a problem. When you submit your piece for the contest, make sure you talk with the lead event organizer, Laura. To make sure she is at the library when you drop your art off, give her a call at (208)769-2315 ext. 469.


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