Cosplay Contest

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Coeur d’Con Cosplay Contest Rules

The following rules apply to all contestants. All rules must be read and adhered to in order to participate in the Cosplay Contest. The Cosplay Contest organizers have the final say in all aspects of the contest. The first portion of the contest will be judged by the public, based on contestant photos taken during advance registration sessions. The second portion of the contest will bring the top 10 contestants from each age category, as judged during the photo contest, to the stage, where they will be judged by a panel. Prizes will be awarded in each age category for popular vote and by a panel of judges in each age category. A Grand Prize will also be awarded for “Best in Show” overall.

Criteria for Entry

The contest is rated PG (see costume guidelines, below, for more information). Contest organizers have the final say as to the appropriateness of any costume.

Contestants will be sorted into the appropriate contest category based on their age. Category parameters will be described below. The judges and organizers of the contest have the right to move contestants into a different category based on the cosplay presented.

All contestants and entrants must be respectful of all COSPLAY CONTEST organizers, library staff, and fellow cosplayers. Inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated.

‐‐ Ages birth to 12
‐‐ Ages 13 to 17
‐‐ Ages 18+

Registration and Checkin

Registration will begin in June 2016 for the 2016 Cosplay Contest. Contestants must obtain a registration form either online or by visiting the library and must have their photo taken by Coeur d’Con staff during one of the advance photography sessions prior to the convention. Not able to make it to the library in advance? You may submit your own photo for staff approval for use in the contest. Submitted photos may be emailed to

Registration can be completed online or in-person at the library. Registration forms are due August 5th.

Need your photo taken? Come to the library in your cosplay on August 6th or 7th, 12-3pm and we’ll take one for you!

The contest will take place Saturday, August 13th at 3:15 p.m. All registered contestants must be available for the contest or forfeit their contest slot.

All contest slots not filled prior to the convention or by those on the wait‐list will be offered onsite during Coeur d’Con on a first‐come, first‐served basis.

 Costume Guidelines


Naked is not a costume; any illusion to nudity is strictly prohibited.

All contestants must have at least 50% of both sides of their upper body covered.

Dramatically plunging necklines, ‘underboob’, and ‘sideboob’ (for females) and bare chests (for males) are NOT allowed.

All contestants must wear, at minimum, shorts or a skirt that completely covers the behind (no cheeks hanging out).

With regards to see‐through clothing, contestants must still wear the minimum requirement of coverage underneath. If we can see through your clothes to your body parts, you will be disqualified.

Foot Coverings

Shoes, boots, or slippers are required (socks are not considered foot covering).

If your character does not wear shoes, then the lack of accuracy will be forgiven.

Size Restrictions

All contestants must be able to move their costume on their own. Accessories and/or large costume components are acceptable if you can move them without assistance.


All weapons must be approved by Coeur d’Con organizers during registration.

No real guns, not even those that are no longer functioning. Realistic looking toy or model guns will be allowed only as long as they are clearly marked with an orange zip tie (provided by Coeur d’Con Staff) on the barrel.

Sharp‐edged weapons are strictly prohibited.

Metal bats, pipes, large wrenches and/or shovels are NOT allowed. If it’s metal, longer than 12 inches and/or you could hurt someone by swinging it, it is NOT allowed.

Large foam props are allowed (swords, hammers, etc.) as long as they are not being used inappropriately.

For safety reasons, the following are NOT allowed:
Live animals
Substances which might damage or soil the facilities
Aerosol sprays
Projectiles of any kind
Pyrotechnics of any kind


Entry slots are non‐transferable.

Contestants must be available if their name is called for the final round of the contest. Any contestants not present when their name is called will not be permitted to walk in the stage portion of the contest.

If a contestant’s costume or behavior is deemed to be inappropriate, the contestant will be asked to leave and their spot will be forfeited.

Coeur d’Con does not supply costume materials of any kind. Please come prepared with anything you may need to assemble or repair your costume.

No construction work is allowed in the greenroom (sewing, spray painting, welding, etc.), but final assembly of large pieces or unexpected repairs will be allowed.

Nothing should be left in the holding area. There will be no one to watch your things and there is no guarantee they will still be there after the contest. Please be mindful.


The Cosplay Contest will begin promptly.

If getting on and off the stage may prove a challenge, let the COSPLAY CONTEST organizers know so reasonable accommodations can be arranged.

Swearing, sexual humor, flashing, or any other inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated and contestants will be immediately removed and disqualified.

Everything brought onto the stage must leave with the contestant. No confetti or glitter will be allowed to be thrown, scattered, etc., while walking or have done by others off‐stage.

Contestants are to enter and exit the stage where they are shown. No running, jumping on/off the stage, or acrobatics. Let’s keep this safe and fun!

Contestants may NOT throw or whip props around; may NOT take or use any sort of spray paint, silly string, fireworks, water or any other items on stage that could mar the stage or leave a mess; and contestants may NOT use signs in the Cosplay Contest.

Contestants may NOT have open flames on‐stage or anywhere in the Cosplay Contest or the convention.

Contestants will be held responsible for any and all damages and/or medical bills that may occur as a result of not obeying the rules.

 Award Presentation

Seven awards will be given: first and second place for each category and a Best of Show.

Awards will be presented shortly after the end of the Cosplay Contest.

Prizes must be claimed on‐site. No prizes will be mailed.