Vendors & Artists


AMP Card & Collectibles
Rainbow Ribbon Memorabelia
Rats, Hats and Scarves
Sack Lunch Comics
Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital
Skag Leather
SNR Costume Rentals
Traveling T


Board2Death Games,
Lars Brown,
Scott Brown and Emanuel Preta,
Isabelle Crownhart
Annalise Fuller
Kathy Hanson
Dani Harper,
Erin Keuter Laughlin,
Hayden Lawrence,
Jamari Lawson,
Esther Mann
Toby Neighbors,
Nathan Obrien,
Maggie Rice,
Kelly Rook
Landon Ruan
Alli White,
Colton Worley

The 2016 Coeur d’Con is currently at capacity for vendors and artists. New submissions will be placed on the waitlists.

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14 thoughts on “Vendors & Artists

  1. Kaylee says:

    I am part of the local sca group, midevial reenactment, and who would I talk to about arranging a demonstration of our heavy fighters abilities? Full armor with swords and shields, but completely safe.


    • cdalibrary4teens says:

      We’ll have to check with the city about the liability behind a performance like this, but we’d love to have your group involved! Give Laura Jenkins, the Young Adult Coordinator, a call at (208)769-2315 ext. 469, and she can fill you in on the details.


    • cdalibrary4teens says:

      Cosplay is encouraged! What we discourage, however, is the presence of real weapons. Official rules for cosplay (and the cosplay contest) will be posted tomorrow under a brand-new cosplay contest tab on the website.


  2. Isabelle says:

    Will you be posting who will be featured and selling at the con? I would like to know what artists will be there in advance, or if you have a list of who was there last year.


    • cdalibrary4teens says:

      We will definitely be posting a list of vendors and artists before the con. The 2016 list will be ready two weeks before the event date and will be up on both the Facebook page and the website. We also have a list of artists and vendors that were there in 2015 – we’ll get that together and post in on the website in the next few weeks! Thanks for the suggestions, Isabelle!


  3. Maggie Rice says:

    Is there an age limit on this? Is it only for adults or can teens apply as well? I’d love to get involved in artist alleys and cons, and this seems like the perfect place to get stared. 🙂


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